CAB advisers aim to empower our clients by helping them to prioritise their debts and maximise their incomes. We won’t tell a client what to do but will explain the options available and the possible outcomes. We also have a specialist debt and money advice team, which can assist with the following:

  • Assess your income and advise, where appropriate, how this might be increased (e.g. claiming benefit).

  • Contact creditors if appropriate (following consultation with yourself), on your  behalf and again where appropriate, request they suspend recovery action and interest charges etc.

  • Help you prepare a Financial Statement.

  • Discuss your options based on your financial problems.

  •  Help you make an informed choice based on options.

  •  Send, with your permission, your financial details, if appropriate, to creditors in order to negotiate affordable repayments.

  •  Keep you informed of the progress we are making on your case.


To get debt and money advice contact our main offices or drop-in.

Note that due to funding our specialist programmes can only assist clients in Aberdeen City, clients in Aberdeenshire should contact their local bureau.