Our Money Advice Outreach Project Workers can provide advice and assistance on dealing with priority bills and arrears, such as rent, council tax, and mortgages as well as other debt issues. They will also advise you on ways to increase your income by checking that you are in receipt of all benefits available to you, effective budgeting and help to negotiate with your creditors.

This project is funded by The Fairer Aberdeen Fund to provide debt and benefits advice to people living in Aberdeen’s regeneration areas: Cummings Park, Middlefield, Northfield, Seaton, Tillydrone, Torry, Woodside and Powis. If you live in these areas and would like to contact our service, please call drop-in during the times listed.

Powis Community Centre

11 Powis Circle AB24 3YX

Monday 10am-2pm (Orkhon & Marissa)

Torry Medical Centre

Oscar Road AB11 8EP

Tuesday 10am-3pm (Sandra & Marissa)

Mastrick Community Centre

Greenfern Road AB16 6TR

Tuesday 10am-3pm (Orkhon & Phil)

Woodside Community Centre

Gt Northern Rd AB24 2QY

Wednesday 10am-3pm (Kay & Phil)

Northfield Community Centre

Byron Square AB16 7LL

Thursday 10am-3pm (Orkhon & Marissa)

            Orkhon (Debt Advice):          07795 622114

      Sandra (Debt Advice):    07523 801982

  Kay (Debt Advice): 07523 801969

               Phil (Benefits): 07944 803479

Marissa (Benefits): 07523 801973


       (Please Quote "MAO")